General Commercial Tires
General All Position Tires
General Grabber OA
General Grabber OAWB General RA General WT
On/Off Road, All-Position Tire Designed to reduce damage from curbing, cuts and abrasions means you can be confident either on or off the road.
On/Off Road, All-Position Wide Base Tire High carrying capacity and extra-tough tread elements take this aggressively-patterned all position tire to the next level of severe service durability.
New Regional All-Position Tire A hard working tire designed with an optimal balance of high removal mileage andtread durability for driver confidence in demanding applications..
New Heavy All-Position Urban Waste Transport Tire An all-position tire that delivers reliable traction and mileage with a compound resistant to cuts and tears.
Continental Drive Position Tires
General OD General RD General HD  
On/Off Road, Drive Tire Be confident in tough weather and off road conditions, knowing this tire grabs the road with an open shoulder and a deep lug tread design.
New Regional Drive Tire A tough open shoulder regional drive tire that delivers reliable traction and high mileage with a compound resistant to cuts and tears.
New Long Haul Drive Tire This enhanced closed shoulder drive tire delivers excellent mileage, while balancing optimal traction and fuel economy.
General Steer Positon Tires
General HS      
New Highway Steer Tire Better tread design and casing platform utilizes proven technology to deliver excellent mileage, even wear and low rolling resistance.
General Trailer Positon Tires
General HT      
New Long Haul Trailer Tire This solid shoulder trailer tire offers stone ejection technologies as well as increased durability, low rolling resistance and a wider casing platform.