General Grabber APT
16" Sizes
The Grabber APT is General's On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tire initially developed for Original Equipment use on the Nissan Titan, with additional sizes for the drivers of pickup trucks, Jeeps, crossovers and sport utility vehicles looking for a balanced blend of off-road capability and on-road civility. Designed to provide confident traction in all weather conditions, most sizes of the Grabber APT meet the tire industry's severe snow service standards and are branded with the three-peak mountain/snowflake symbol (3PMSF). Utilizing a robust, cut- and chip-resistant tread compound molded into a symmetric pattern, the Grabber APT's ComfortBalance Technology places an absorption layer under the tread to isolate the driver from imperfections in the road. Counter-angled shoulder grooves help to dissipate sound generated in the center of the tread for a quiet ride, and the flat tread profile and optimized pattern stiffness help evenly distribute pressure across the face of the tread to combat rapid and irregular wear. Full-depth sipes in the tread blocks create biting edges for grip on slippery surfaces and the staggered circumferential grooves, traction notches and alternating shoulder scoops aid traction on loose surfaces such as dirt or snow. Internal construction of the Grabber APT features General's DURAGEN construction to aid durability and provide a wide, flat footprint for even wear, braking performance and handling response. The two wide, ultra-high strength steel belts deliver resistance to punctures, in addition to supporting the tread for confident stability under heavy loads.

General Grabber APT
215/70R16 100T OWL
215/70R16 100H BLK
235/70R16 106T OWL
245/70R16 107T OWL
245/75R16 111T OWL
255/70R16 111T OWL
265/70R16 112T OWL
265/75R16 116T OWL
17" Sizes
235/75R17 109T OWL
245/65R17 107T OWL
245/70R17 110T OWL
255/65R17 110T OWL
255/70R17 112T OWL
255/75R17 115T OWL
265/65R17 112T OWL
265/70R17 115T OWL
285/70R17 117T OWL
18" Sizes
255/70R18 113T OWL
265/60R18 110T BLK
265/65R18 114T OWL
265/70R18 116T OWL
275/65R18 116T OWL
LT275/70R18 125/122S OWL
20" Sizes
275/55R20 117T XL BLK
275/60R20 119T BLK
22" Sizes
285/45R22 114H XL BLK