The Tire Manufacturer's Warranty Does NOT Cover Damage To Your Tire Due To Road Hazards.

If you hit something in the road and damage your tire, the manufacturer's warranty will not cover the cost of replacing or repairing your tire. Regardless of when this type of damage occurs, you can avoid buying a new tire or paying to have your tire repaired, if you have protected your tire investment with our Road Hazard Program.

Our Road Hazard Program Covers the Cost To Replace or Repair Your Tire

You can protect the significant investment you've made in your tires. Your tires will be repaired or replaced (Up to $350 per tire) with the same make and model tire, or a comparable quality tire if the same tire is not available.

You Are Covered Throughout The USA

Regardless of where you are traveling, your protection is honored at over 25,000 qualified participating tire retailers. While a ruined tire is inconvenient, getting it replaced or repaired absolutely, positively won't be.

How is tire replacement coverage calculated?

Tire replaced for 36 months from the retail date of sale when damaged by valid road hazard, while the tread depth remaining is 2/32” or more. Tire replacement of the original purchase price, replacement tire cost, or benefit level (whichever is less) is covered as follows:
- 1st year = 100% replacement
- 2nd year = 50% replacement
- 3rd year = 25% replacement

Are flat repairs covered?

Yes, up to $20 reimbursement for flat repairs is available to the dealer for up to two incidents during the covered period.

Click her to view the full Terms and Conditions (excluding NY & OH).

Click her to view the full Terms and Conditions (NY & OH only).